Bay Area Latino Cannabis Alliance “BALCA” is a volunteer run organization seeking to empower Latinos in cannabis. Latinos have contributed greatly to cannabis culture, doing much of the work forming the emerging industry. Whether it is the Latino entrepreneur struggling to get on the retail shelf, the Latino field worker who toils under the hot sun for minimal pay, the Latino budtender who helps hundreds of patients a day, we are building a voice that articulates these experiences and contributions made to cannabis. BALCA’s vision is to build up support for its five pillars; education, professional development, civil rights, business ownership, and cultural expression, as these are critical in developing a healthy cannabis industry and developing a strong voice for Latinos in cannabis.



Education: We are committed to developing quality educational content about Latinos in cannabis, as well as educating the community with our bilingual newsletter, and other platforms.

Professional Development: We are champions for upward mobility and will provide resources needed for our community, pursue growth opportunities, and build towards cannabis business ownership.

Business Ownership: We support Latino entrepreneurs in building their own businesses, and developing unique products or services for the industry.

Civil Rights: We will challenge civil rights violations in the industry (racism, sexual harassment, sexism, tokenism), and will remain uncompromising in our search for full rights for Latinos.

Culture: We Latinos have our own distinct dynamic culture fusing Indigenous, Spanish and African cultures, and celebrating our culture with cannabis is central to our mission.